Manages the land and property rights acquisition process for the Department of Parks. Conducts site research, data collection, and compliance enforcement of land and property acquisitions, property use, and leases. Manages all property and compliance data in coordination with other divisions and agencies utilizing Geographical Information System/Global Positioning System (GIS/GPS) technologies, and proves technological support for these as well.
– Conducts research, provides recommendations, and manages land and property leases, acquisition, boundary data, and agency regulations.
– Investigates and applies for federal grants and other funds for land and property rights acquisition and conservations program funding.
– Creates, manages, and updates park property base map data. Establishes and manages protocols and workflows of property approvals and collaboration with required agencies.
– Performs support functions related to land and property requirements for capital improvement projects. Contacts private landowners to investigate the potential for purchase, lease or easements of land, related to ongoing and future capital projects.
– Manages the collections, compilation and update of all real property, land use, and lease data in coordination with other divisions and agencies. Performs property inspections. Performs land asset database management to facilitate land programs.
– Supervises interim employees performing real property data development.
– Performs other duties as assigned.